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The last part of Europe before Africa

"A Wild Little Port"

The place is lovely and cut off from the world. Superb water and light! From the beach, you gradually reach a drop-off which offers depth and infinite visibility. Between Canyons and rocky areas, passing through areas of sand provided with high algae, this site offers a range of different landscapes. ​ Accessible to divers and beginners alike.


Fauna and Flora

"From Groupers to Nudibranchs"

From the beach and in shallow areas our pretty colorful Peacock Wrasse, Mediterranean Parrots and shy but cute Blenny are legion. A few perfectly camouflaged octopuses and generous sponges sheltering small nudibranchs. ​ With the depth the scorpionfish and lionfish become more and more numerous. Slipper lobster and groupers then make their appearances, overhung by schools of sardines nearby



"On the road south"

Located 50 minutes from the diving school. It generally offers two successive dives (with a break of about fifty minutes between the two) As we generally finish the dive around 1:30 p.m., we suggest a stop at the local tavern to have a bite to eat and refresh ourselves. It's always very friendly and in Crete for little money we eat very very well!

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